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chaos game online: large - scale multi-hero magic games

We imagine your bans are usually totally into position, indeed, plenty of mistakes sneak way up the following and right now there, but usually, it’s a fantastic practice, at the very least in this opinion. Folks shouldn’t edge around video games. We’re apologies in case you received banned without having unfaithful. And so, what exactly is a person's require on the whole issue? Give us a specified resolution just what exactly you are affected by the item.

Your Chaos Game Online furthermore shows a new Wikipedia button. After you discover a puppy, tapping within the button (conveniently based near to a person's Zynga and Twitter posting options) will require that you your Wiki internet page for this pet. This can be a fantastic very little hint to get tips junkies similar to us, and it’s the kind associated with issue I’d like to discover extra video games endeavor to use when you need it.
You'll be able to simply table your ex boyfriend by setting up the right items, and so chaos competitors need to know points to make independantly. He could be pretty squishy early on game, and so you might want to participate in your ex boyfriend very carefully. Core game he could be very strong, and that continues on the later phase on the game.

Wild Area Hunting screenshot in JoyBit's Chaos

Wild Area Hunting in JoyBit's Chaos

Space Battle screenshot in JoyBit's Chaos
Space Battle in Chaos
Just what exactly don't you imagine is definitely the main issue to attain within a game associated with chaos heroes online? Are usually individual most significant activity a single game, in order to protect victory? Practically, do it, also , you received you a W? One or two items arrived at our own brain, and in case you have one thing to increase or perhaps remove, you should accomplish. Indications of items of which followed in order to our own brain?
When you experience fantastic village, anything appears in order to fall under location. You might be powerful, you got very good items, you got plenty of exp, there is a lot of road deal with. Just what exactly extra would you like to succeed a game? Is definitely harvesting one thing of which may your tip to get victory? Or perhaps is it one thing other than them?
He’s possibly not quite hard to read, however , you continually have to be upon protect after you participate in your ex boyfriend, for the reason that your dog doesn’t require deterioration actually. In any other case, she has a fantastic damage output and he can kill some other heroes simply, and he could be furthermore an incredible gank initiator. Utilize your ex boyfriend effectively, and you’ll discover precisely how powerful he could be.
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Close Beta Test Events for Chaos


First Event: Free Upgrade Giftpack,Free Orange Heros

Time: Close beta test

Event Server: All servers during Close beta test


  1. Players who have upgraded to the appointed level can claim super-valuable rewards in the CBT Event interface.

Upgrade to Lv 20, Reward: 500 Gold,  150 VIP Exp,  10 General Certificates

Upgrade to Lv 30, Reward: 500 Gold,  200 VIP Exp,  Purple Hero Melody,  30 General Certificates

Upgrade to Lv 40, Rewards: 500 Gold,  300 VIP Exp,  90 General Certificates

Upgrade to Lv 45, Rewards: 2000 Gold,  Orange Hero Queen,  180 General Certificates

Second Event: Enjoy exclusive VIP1 Privilege, enjoy free gold everyday

Time: Close beta test

Event Server: All servers during Close beta test


During the Close beta test, players can click on the button “Activate VIP1”in AT Event interface to activate VIP1 and enjoy all VIP1 privilege. Meanwhile, players can also claim extra gold and VIP EXP at 10:00 and 20:00

10:00 a.m. Rewards: 500 Gold, 30 VIP EXP

20:00 p.m. Rewards: 500 Gold, 30 VIP EXP

Third Event: Report Bug for Rewards

Time: Close beta test

Event Server: All servers during Close beta test


During the Close beta test, players can enter our official forum and reply under the post [Report Bug for Free Gold] to win the rewards in OBT.

One Star BUG: Report texts related bugs (Wrong Notice, Display Error, and Description Error) and displaying bugs can receive 100 Gold

Two Star BUG: Report function errors or task errors can receive 200 Gold

Three Star BUG: Report serious errors which have serious affection to the normal operation of the game (for example game crash or Data Lost) can receive 500 Gold

Notice: If we have many players report the same bug, the first one to report the bug will receive our reward. Players who have reported the same bugs or the bugs which have been fixed will not receive rewards.

When the close beta test is over, we will release the list of players who can claim rewards in official forum. Players from this list should contact our support team to claim rewards in the first 7 days of OBT. After confirmation, rewards will be sent to your in-game mail.



Please enjoy your journey in Chaos: JoyBit .com ! 

Chaos launching Close Beta US Server on 25th March

We're excited to launch a brand new Chaos Close Beta Server on 25 March @ 9:00 CST. The Close Beta test will run 7 days and all data will be wiped out afterward. As the exclusive Publisher of Chaos US version, Joybit is proud to present this epic web game to all US players

For more details, please visit our official website:JoyBit. COM


Based on the classic Dungeons & Dragons theme and western myth, "Chaos" is the very first multi-hero, 3D ARPG web game which tells a story that when the Universe Creator disappears, a fierce battle starts between the Admodian and the Protoss. After the fall of Protoss, human beings rose up and continue to fight against the Admodian.  The player is an empire soldier who has a half Admodian half Protoss power that yet to be awaken. In the game, the player will join to settle the riots of the Air Battle, to kill ferocious beast, to protect the empire from the Evil Dragon. Players could also temper themselves by join Space Battle, challenge elite instance, escort the airship, and fight in Arena, Camp Battle, Wild Area Hunting and Guild War.